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Colon TherapyThe important role of a healthy colon to overall health is often underestimated. A healthy and well-functioning colon absorbs essential nutrients for the body, increases energy, and removes waste. A poorly functioning colon makes it difficult for waste to leave the body and interferes with nutrient absorption, which affects overall health. At C & A Wellness Center, we provide colon therapy in NJ to restore healthy colon function.

How Colon Therapy Benefits Health

There are signs that indicate that your colon may be impacting your general health. If you have constipation, are experiencing fatigue, headaches, or a general lack of energy, you may benefit from colon cleansing. Colonic therapy helps improve constipation, gas, boating, digestive problems, headaches, acne, allergies, and boosts overall immune function for better health.

Colonic Therapy from Certified Hydrotherapists

In order to ensure a safe and effective treatment, it is important to choose a spa with the best equipment and trained professionals. At C & A Wellness Center, we utilize state of the art colonic hydrotherapy equipment for a safe, comfortable, and sanitary experience. In addition, all treatments are performed by certified experienced colonic hydrotherapists.

Colon Therapy New Jersey

Colon therapy treatment takes about 40 minutes to complete in our New Jersey spa. A speculum is gently inserted in the rectum and purified water is flushed into the colon to remove impacted fecal matter and toxins from the body. Massage techniques are used to move the waste and help flush the colon completely.

Discreet Colon Therapy

We understand that some people feel embarrassed having colonic therapy. There is no reason to put off having this valuable treatment. All treatments are performed in a private treatment room and your visit to us is always confidential. We make sure you are covered as much as possible and our certified professionals work to provide a relaxed, comfortable, and discreet atmosphere for your treatment.

You can read more about the many benefits of colonic treatment and our other body detox services on our website. If you have questions or want to schedule an appointment for colon therapy at our New Jersey spa, please contact us today at (732) 442-0448.