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Colonic FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which part of my body is my colon?
  2. The colon is a part of your digestive system and is commonly referred to as the large intestine. It is a five feet long tube that allows solid waste to pass through, until it is finally excreted out of the body.

  3. What processes takes place in the colon?
  4. Along this passage, salts and water are absorbed back into the body from the solid waste. However, this is also the place where there is a lot of bacterial aided fermentation of unabsorbed materials, which could prove to be toxic, if not excreted properly on a regular basis. Although the colon does not play a major role in the absorption of food and nutrients, it does absorb some essential vitamins, such as Vitamins K and B.

  5. What are the symptoms of a contaminated colon?
  6. When your colon is contaminated, your body will start showing a few signs, such as fatigue, indigestion, sagging posture, abnormal body odor, sallow complexion, nausea, backaches and lower abdominal cramps.

  7. How can Colon Hydrotherapy help me?
  8. Colonic hydrotherapy is a gentle inner wash of the colon, using purified water. This helps cleanse the build-up of faeces and other toxic matters from the colon.

  9. Will colonic treatment help my digestion and bowel?
  10. With colonic treatment, you get a head-start for a healthy lifestyle, by eliminating the toxic matter and improving your bodily functions.

  11. How often should I undergo colonic treatments?
  12. For extreme conditions, it is recommended to go through the treatment repeatedly for beneficial long-term results, along with a healthy diet and an effective exercise regimen.

  13. Does colonic treatment promote overall body health?
  14. Other than cleansing, this treatment helps improve circulation, rejuvenates the skin and makes it clearer, improves mental clarity and the immune system, and also solves weight issues. The treatment is a time tested way to enhance the overall health of your body.

  15. Will I lose weight with colonic treatments?
  16. Although some amount of weight loss can be expected after this treatment, one should remember that only the built up bodily waste is washed out. There is no loss of fat or cellulite. However, this treatment can mark the initiation of effective weight loss, if it is followed up with a healthy diet and exercise.

  17. Should I take supplements after the treatment?
  18. As a result of our current lifestyle, we need to help our body remain clean after colonic treatment. So, supplements are recommended.

  19. How will the supplements help?
  20. Supplements will definitely be able to further the results. Probiotic supplements ensure that our bowels are populated with healthy bacteria, which facilitate effective absorption and excretion processes. Supplements can also help maintain healthy bowel walls and bowel tone. This in turn helps promote a healthy digestive system, while removing gases and stool build up.

  21. Can colonic treatments be taken during pregnancy?
  22. Colonics is not recommended during pregnancy, unless otherwise recommended by a gynaecologist. In such cases, a qualified practitioner, specializing in pregnancy related therapy, should administer the treatment.

  23. Can colonic treatments be taken after child birth?
  24. You can undergo colonic treatment after about 11-12 weeks of childbirth. In cases of other complications or a caesarean, you are the best judge and must decide if your body has recovered from the aftermath of pregnancy and childbirth.