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C & A Wellness CenterC & A Wellness Center is a wellness center in New Jersey offering a range of services to remove toxins from the body and restore health and wellness. We believe in supporting the natural healing abilities of the body by removing toxins to enable the systems of the body to function properly. Treating your body with care now will benefit your future health.

Services at Our NJ Wellness Center

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy is a procedure designed to cleanse the colon of waste and toxins. There are a variety of health benefits to colonic irrigation, including improving digestive function, reducing bloating and gas, alleviating allergy symptoms, supporting weight loss, and positively impacting the mood by inducing feelings of well-being.

Foot Detox

We offer an ionic foot detox procedure to remove toxins from the body. For this treatment, you soak your feet in a special foot bath that is designed to cleanse the body of toxins, such as heavy metals, parasites, and other impurities to promote better health. You can see the toxins leaving the body as the water changes colors.

Body Wraps

A body wrap gently pulls toxins from the body through the pores. In addition to ridding the body of toxins, body wraps help to condition the skin, reduce cellulite, and creates a relaxing experience that improves overall mood and wellness.

Ear Candling

Ear candles have been used throughout ancient history to remove wax from the ears. The candling helps to eliminate wax build up, which benefits hearing, reduces ringing in the ears, and improves circulation.

Infrared Sauna

This sauna experience uses heat therapy to remove toxins through the seat glands. The sauna helps to detoxify the body, purify the cells, and burns up to 600 calories in one session in the sauna. The infrared sauna is designed to help the body remain cool, so you won’t be uncomfortable during the treatment.

Schedule an Appointment at Our Wellness Center in New Jersey

Additional information about the benefits of a holistic approach to health and the colonic irrigation and other body detox services we provide at C & A Wellness Center can be found on our website. Please contact our NJ wellness center by telephone at (732) 442-0448 to schedule an appointment for any of our services.