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At our New Jersey Ear Candling Center, we provide ear candle cleansing, along with many other detox and wellness services. NJ ear coning is an effective method that is used to cleanse the ears gently. Ear candles are more comfortable, safer, and more effective than forcing water into the ear canal, as happens with conventional ear cleaning using water.

New Jersey Ear Candling Center

The ancient art of ear candle cleansing was used in countries throughout the world, including China, Italy, Czech Republic, and Mexico. Today, the practice has been rediscovered and the popularity of ear candling continues to grow, as more people discover the many benefits. Ear candles can be found in nursing homes, alternative health centers, and our New Jersey ear candling center.

Benefits of NJ Ear Coning

In addition to cleaning the ears, ear candle cleansing offers a range of benefits. Although ear candling is not intended to treat or cure medical conditions, clients have experienced improvements in a range of symptoms. NJ ear coning can help reduce noises in the ears, improve hearing, get rid of excess wax, reduce sinus aggravation, improve lymphatic circulation, and relieve symptoms of vertigo and Meniere ’s syndrome.

The Ear Candle Cleansing Process

Ear candle cleansing removes excessive wax and gently cleanses the ears. You lie comfortably on your side and the ear candle is inserted gently into the ear canal and the opposite end of the candle is lit. The wax of the ear candle gently draws excessive ear wax and toxins from the ear canal. Once the first ear is cleansed, you turn over and have the second ear treated to eliminate toxins and excessive wax.

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Please browse our website to learn more about ear candle cleansing, colon cleansing, skin care, and the many other detox, spa, and wellness services we provide at our New Jersey ear candling center. For more information about NJ ear coning or any of our other services and to schedule an appointment for ear candling, please call New Jersey Colonic today.